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Quality Assurance

Ameritech Millworks mission is to provide high-quality, on-time projects for its customers. Quality Assurance is of utmost priority in our manufacturing and onsite installation. Here at Ameritech we pride ourselves in having a well experienced management team provides unparalleled experience and expertise. Ameritech’s management team also has roughly 30 years of experience at every level to ensure quality and high performance.

Pre-Construction Services

Ameritech Millworks has developed a pre-construction service department that can help our customers manage their projects from a value engineering aspect, as well as assist owners and developers in the design options ranging from material selection to detail modification and clarification.

Ameritech Millworks has in-house project managers who provide a detailed review of the entire selected packages to ensure effective pricing, and ease of installation.


This allows for problems to be identified well before the start of onsite installation of the selected interior finish services

production of this key component of the process.

Our goal is to have a project that is well thought prior to the start of the construction process to enable the most efficient millworks solution saving both time and money



Safety is a top priority of Ameritech Millworks for manufacturing and installation. Ameritech’s safety department ensures that all safety policies are strictly adhered to in an effort to create a safer work environment for its valued workers. We believe that a strong safety culture helps ensure the upmost quality in all operations

On-Site Services

Each job is started with a job specific management plan which includes labor scheduling, accurate material breakdown usage throughout completion of each phase.

one of our main goals is customer satisfaction so we strive to make sure the applications meet all needs.

Post Construction Services

All warranty calls are managed closely to ensure convenience to all customers and residence.